At the beginning of 2013 my marriage that had spanned nearly two decades ended, and the idea of dating was alien to me. The last time I was ‘single’ it was 1994. Kurt Cobain was dead. Cool Britannia was on the rise. Pulp Fiction and Dumb and Dumber were in theaters, and X-Files was the bomb on the tele. The internet was a place for scientists and super nerds. Even when I was single, I wasn’t a ‘dater’ – I was a serial monogomist. I met the ex one month after the previous two-year relationship had ended. So, I needed to know about dating. And online dating. Which, you know, wasn’t around in 1994.
My best friend had also recently gone through a break up from a long term relationship as well. He found someone awesome soon after via online dating. He was happy. So, I was like, yeah, let’s give this a go. I’m hurting and confused as hell but a distraction will likely be a tonic at the very least. I didn’t really know what I wanted over a year ago, but did know that I needed to get out there and meet as many people as I could to learn about ‘dating’, about myself, and make moves in the right direction to figure it all out, and have some fun in the process. And some stories to tell.
So I joined OKCupid. Then, later, Match. Then, later still, Tinder. And then closed and reopened, and then closed and reopened these accounts again in various states of frustration and exasperation and – but I’m getting ahead of myself.
These posts are my dating chronicles. Almost exclusively online dating chronicles. Every first date since the break up. I’m beginning this chronicle some 20 months after the break up – many of the stories are through the softer lens of history. I did collect post-date ‘data’ about each date – DateData. I’m a bit of a nerd. Perhaps this data will provide an insight into my type. Some sort of meaningful pattern. Maybe. Perhaps I’ll synthesize into some beautiful visualizations. Maybe. Perhaps it’s all just numbers and random points of interest. Probably. But let’s see what happens.

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