4 \ Silver Machine.

June 2013
Dates 1, 2, and 3 had been eventful – all three went beyond expectations. Whether they should have gone the way they did or not didn’t matter. They clicked. There was connection.

Date 4 broke the streak. OKCupid. Good pictures – good music list – great list of obscure bands. We arranged to meet. I was running around like crazy as I was taking a road trip the next day. I was burning at all ends – kids, work, travel, no sleep, plenty of drinking, and attempting to date. I had also gone for a run previous to the date. I was knackered. It was an early evening meet for a drink – I was a bit disheveled and not really on.

Despite that, pretty much as soon as she sat down I could tell she wasn’t into me. In her profile she actually described the perfect ‘dude’ – I met some but not all the criteria (no beard, man). So, made the most of it, and we had a drink and 45 minutes later we were out. Which was fine. She wasn’t into me, I wasn’t into her – she was a bit of a hipster (trying a little too hard), complete with 90s model metallic Isuzu Trooper. I don’t think the notion of ‘friends’ occurred to me – that wasn’t my goal. Maybe she would have been a good ‘friend’ – check out shows, or whatever. I wasn’t feeling it so didn’t pursue it. (Actually, I texted her an image from the road the next day – referenced something we talked about – no response – I tried).  Likely not on her list either.

The date provided good perspective. It was very clinical – very much let’s meet and see if there’s chemistry. The first of that type. I had been lucky up until then. I’m not going to click with everyone, as open, easy going, and accepting as I am. And that’s okay. There would be plenty more that I didn’t click with, and a few that I did.


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