28 \ Shaver.

May 2014
‘Oh, by the way, I’m not really 34’.
Yeah, I can see that.
‘I’m actually 47’.
Really? Only 47? Because you look older than that.

OKCupid date. Pictures were good. (Apparently they were dated.) A bit of chit-chat. We arranged to meet after work. As soon as she walked up I was out. I bought the round. Let’s get through this. After overlooking the truth about her age, and being quite removed from how she portrayed herself, I really didn’t care about anything she had to say. That said, she offered to buy a round. I let her. I needed the bloody drink.

Not cool. In any way. What kind of results was she expecting? I’ve always been game to meet people – the sooner the better – but this was a turning point – I need to spend more time vetting dates prior to committing time. It is time and effort, which I’m happy to do. But by this time, a year in to date-dom, I was getting a little weary, a little cynical, and needed to start creating boundaries, raising standards, and doing more diligence prior to meeting someone. Unfortunately. But made sense – and likely long overdue.

‘Hey, you want to go to Liberty?’
Not with you. I made up the ‘I have a friend coming into town – it’s her birthday’ excuse.

See ya’.


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