DateData 01.1 \ Date Age Distribution

As promised/threatened, here is the first of many likely meaningless pieces of data, visualized. What possible trends or insights does it indicate?

I am not an ageist. I may be a victim of ageism however – one of the pitfalls of online dating is that age is a filter. This doesn’t apply offline – as much. So while I think age doesn’t really matter, the data points are (potentially) interesting in that the majority of the dates are via online channels, where age is disclosed.

So what does this tell me?
I tend to date younger. Shocker.
I should be more selective (just over a third of the dates I did/would see again – ‘spark’).
Lots of women aged 40.
No one aged 33 or 36.
I like circles.
And lines.

Age 31 – youngest date
Age 47 – oldest date
Age 40 – most dates
Dates 40 and younger – 26
Dates 41 and older – 16
Dates with a spark/connection/interest – 15 (white orb)


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