5 \ Jessie’s Girl.

July 2013
OKCupid. Like 4, occurred during the break time from 3. And like 4, a bit of a dud. We chatted via text and phone a few times. I thought it would be a good idea to meet at Justine’s. (Justine’s is perfect for that second date with someone you are into – probably not a first date place). It was early, and didn’t last too long.

She was new to Austin, and looked like an older version of her photos. Something sad and melancholy about her – projected like an aura – palpable like a musk. She had just seen Rick Springfield – and went on about how great he is/was. Which in 1981 would have made a bit of sense.

No spark, no connection, a goodbye hug, nice to meet you – now let’s get on with our Saturday night.


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