17 \ Tinder!

February 2014
I had heard about Tinder – I think on a new list of dating sites – and downloaded it. Super simple. Hot or not. Superficial. As we all can be. Swiping began. And…it’s a match!

We chatted a bit on the app, and before long had set up a time and place to meet. It was a chilly winter evening, and I met her at a hotel bar with a fireplace. She arrived from work. Cute. Looked like the pictures. We sat by the fireplace and had a drink. Well, I had a drink. She didn’t drink. The conversation was fairly easy yet fairly surface. I was hungry so I suggested we order food. We did. I had another drink. She got another coke.

We probably sat and chatted for 90 minutes and then the chat fizzled. It wasn’t terrible. Setting was great. Not much in common. She was my same age but way more….traditional. Square. Young at heart perhaps but just into different things. Coming from a different place. The not drinking thing – that was a first. I’m open to anything but the reality of being the only one drinking with someone that once had a problem with drinking, even though they said they didn’t mind I have a drink – it wasn’t great.

We walked out into the chilly night, hugged goodbye, and that was that. First Tinder date.


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