29 \ Booze-Tinted Glasses.

May 2014
Oh good lord.

A Sunday. Full of day drinking. With good friends. One of those days when it goes down all to easy.

We meet on Rainey Street, a lovely spring afternoon, slightly overcast, blustery. We have at least a round or two at Blackheart, and then off to Lucille, where we settle in. Half price drinks, we likely drink double what we need. Good fun. My ‘dates’ are off – she needs to work, as does he. I’m not quite ready to call it good. I head over to Clive and keep the party going. I meet a couple from PDX and bond on the bane of NW weather and the gain of southern culinary creations. This makes me hungry. For whatever reason I decide that Hoboken on Red River is the place to satiate.

I make my way to Red River just as a big show is letting out of Stubb’s. Some band from the 90s or early noughties….ska-ish….Jimmy Eat World! That’s it. I make good time through a slice of ‘za then head outside. And then I see her. She herself is just finishing up a piece of luscious pizza and hanging about the takeout window. Overflowing with liquid courage I strike up a convo. She was just at the show and her friends have disappeared. We are apparently in similar elevated states of euphoria. We have some snappy chatter. A good rapport. For drunk people. I suggest we get a drink. She obliges.

We make our way to Side Bar. We order drinks then head outside, a perfect breezy Austin spring evening, warm air pushed around patios and through breezeways, settling on faces and in places happy to receive. We chat. It’s easy. Flirty. She’s a career professional – smart, quick. Quick enough for tipsy strangers. We compare hands. We hold hands. Then we go.

I walk her to her car of course. We stop. We make out. I get her number.

We soon arrange a dinner date. My recollection of the night is as vivid as it is now, over a year later. My recollection of her, however, is a bit foggy. I’m a bit nervous  but as ever am up for anything. We had fun that night, how bad can it be? I pull up to her home to pick her up (chivalrous, and idiotic, as ever). She opens the door, and I see her. Smiles, hello’s, and…not quite the same as I remember.

We go for dinner. We chat. It’s mostly light. It feels like work. Nowhere near as fun as that booze filled end of night rendezvous. I take her home. A quick kiss, and I leave. Done.


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