22 \ Black Swan.

March 2014.
22 had only pictures on her OKC profile. Good ones. In any case I played it quite well in the message sent, and we were soon arranging to meet.

A Sunday night, drinks. She was attractive. Cool. Great style. Smart. Funny. Dark. I liked her. She was a ballet dancer. She had good stories, and some baby daddies. A handful. Funny. We had a good night.

We had connected on Lars Von Trier and post punk (even though currently she was super into rap and hip hop). When the Slint film came to the Alamo, I gave her a call. I picked her up at her place, and while she was getting ready I met her nanny. We stopped in at a bar on Dirty 6th prior to heading to the Alamo. A quick drink, and a catch up, and we rushed to the cinema, meeting up with my friends. The four of us went in. Drinks ordered (Manhattan’s), we settled in for the film. Quite good. It was a late show and about 1am on a Monday night, we drove back to her place. We chatted on her lawn. I kissed her. It was unexpected. But good.

We didn’t see each other for awhile. She was trouble but I liked her. A few months went by. She butt dialed me a few times. And then a genuine booty call. We chatted a bit, arranged to meet. It was a Saturday, and a friend of mine was having a birthday dinner in her neighborhood. I had sent a text to meet up for dinner, but no reply. I was heading to the friend dinner, and received this text:

I'm totally fucked up. Come over with some champagne and cigarettes.

After laughing a good bit, what was I to do? I stopped at Fresh Plus for some bubbles, and then a gas station for some smokes, and I was off. We sat on her porch, skeeters nibbling away. She was in a bit of a state. She had been seeing someone, and they had had an argument. We went in. Listened to Slint. Talked about art. I needed to go and meet my friend – she was way drunk. Her nanny and a friend were coming over to make her dinner – it was cool to leave. She kissed me, and I left.

I returned, at her request, a few hours later. I parked, and her front door was open. I said ‘hello’ and heard laughing. Expecting the worst, I turned to leave and then she came into the living room. She laughed and told me to come in. Her friends were there, making her dinner. She had continued to drink, was very drunk, and very funny. She was in good hands with her friends. I motioned to leave. She walked me to her door. “Kiss me”, she said, grabbing my hands and placing them on boobs. I obliged – it was fucking hilarious (what else was I to do, pull my hands away?). She was tragically hard to resist.

We texted a bit after that, arranging to meet, but never did. I would see the Swan again.


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