31 \ Have travel. Will Tinder.

June 2014
I was traveling for work a good bit. Tinder whilst traveling was especially interesting. I was killing time in JFK and matched with 31. We had a good exchange, then it was boarding time. I asked for her number, she gave it, and then it was time to go.

We chatted a good bit via text. Then graduated to phone calls. She was tall, blonde, attractive. Former model. Now a successful fashion photographer. Living in Jersey for 10 years after a career in the city. Un-happily separated for a few years. She would much rather would be happily divorced. I was returning to NYC for another work trip. We arranged to meet.

A leisurely day of meetings and then we met near my hotel in Tribeca. She was in a bar around the corner. I had a hunch that she was a bored housewife. Well duh – she’s meeting blokes via Tinder that live half the country away. But really that should be cool, especially if you are free and able to move about the country. It wasn’t though. Tangled in a gnarly divorce, full time (mostly) mom to a couple of kids, I was a diversion. I get it. And I wish the attraction was mutual, but it wasn’t. Attractive, but too much time at home in the burbs. Many pop culture references were lost. She went on a bit too much about my tattoos. It’s not like I have sleeves. A few modest tats. It was indicative – she needed to get out a bit more.

Nonetheless, we went for sushi and had an ok time. Not great, not bad – ok. A bit stiff. We hopped to a hotel bar, and a few drinks in, she loosened up a bit. We had laughs, touches, and then it was time to go.

We made out near the sweaty end of Houston, wind brisk and thick. We had had a few drinks, and there was definitely physical attraction – she was a former model. We made out a bit more then she jumped in a cab, heading for the train to take her back to the burbs.

She texted me the next day. I was still in the city, working, and she wanted me to come out to her place. I had to get home. And I didn’t really fancy it. I did really need to get home. A few additional texts after that – she asked me to send pictures of my tattoos so she could show her friend – I wasn’t into and didn’t respond. And that was that. A short adventure – a diversion.


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