21 \ Sight Unseen.

March 2014.
This is a good one. 20 dates in and I thought it would be a good idea to meet an online date for which I had never seen a clear picture. Her profile photo was intriguing, and what and how she wrote was very interesting. We chatted and the exchange was good – written chemistry. Let’s meet for a drink.

I had arrived first and was sat facing the door, looking with a kind of morbid curiosity as to what this person will look like. 21 walked in, and I had hoped that it wasn’t her, and of course it was.

She sat – I think she was wearing a sweat shirt – and we got a drink and chatted. Whatever chemistry had existed was gone. This was painful. Drinks done, I thanked her, and was off.

Looking back – some 18 months later – at that time I was game for anything in the online dating world. That, and/or bored and/or lonely. In March 2014 I had been single just over a year, with few real connections. My notion of being open to anything in this case was a bit extreme. For me, there has to be a physical connection, in addition to the intellectual, playful one. Which is kind of ‘no duh’ but I needed to experience this. I guess.


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