76 \ Happn.

December 2015
We passed by each other on a highway. We liked each other. A match. And so works Happn, an app for happenstance and serendipity. It’s an app that is much like real life. Liking whoever comes across your path. And if you like each other back, you chat. And so it was with 76. We chatted for a bit. A common interest in art, we went to check out a show.

She walked in. She is young. Tall. Attractive. Good style. Great smile. Good energy. We went through the gallery, then went through some more. She was divorced, single, and I got the sense that dating was kind of a  normal state for her. She had been dating often since her break, as I had.

We went for oysters. It was easy to talk to her, despite not having a whole lot in common at the outset. Not that interested in music, doesn’t go to shows. We did talk a good bit about food, and travel. She described the type of guy she at that time was looking for – which was clearly not the same flavor as me. And in truth, it was the same for me.

Despite all that, it was a good date. We professed to being game to see other again.

Not long after, she texted me to meet for a happy hour. I was heading out of town and couldn’t make it. This happened once or twice more. We finally met up again, for oysters, and caught up on some stories – she had some good ones. We had a good night.

We ended up meeting quite a few times, and have become friends, meeting for oysters or drinks and exchanging horror stories and laughs and advice and going out on the prowl and looking out for each other’s next love/like/lust interest.


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