37 \ Super Trouper.

September 2014
I met 37 via Match.com. As mentioned previously, not really a happy hunting ground over there for me. 37 only had a few pictures, we had a bit in common on paper, and she appeared to be attractive. We exchanged a few good messages, compared busy schedules, and found a time for lunch one Saturday afternoon.

We were the same age, and she had a natural beauty – fair, reddish blonde, lovely skin, tall and slender. She lived in Westlake, and spent her time fund raising and volunteering. Clearly she led a very different type of life from me and I couldn’t really determine what she liked to do for fun.

I talked music and she said the words you seldom want to hear – ‘Bob Schneider’. I have been on a few dates where, when asked musical preferences, the response would invariable be along the lines of ‘oh, everything’, which of course means nothing, and when pressed ‘Bob Schneider’ would be uttered. Nothing against our local hero, however for me, a bit of a non-starter when it comes to musical tastes.

We had little in common and after a pleasant enough lunch, we said goodbye with the spoken intention of meeting again, but we never did and we went our separate ways.


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