18 \ Patients.

February 2014
Leading up to the divorce we started to see a therapist – a life coach. After the split, I continued to see her for about a year. We talked, maybe twice a month, and it served its purpose, as therapy does. She asked about my ideal woman, several times, and helped to visualize that person. At some point she suggested that I meet one of her friends – for a date. I was nothing but optimistic – she knew me, and my tastes, and has someone that matches them – what could possibly go wrong?

18 and I arranged to meet for lunch. A blustery late winter afternoon, I waited outside for her. She walked up, and we greeted each other, and went in. Lunches ordered, we sat and began to chat.

I had described my physical type several times – the woman across from me matched none of it. I wondered what my therapist was thinking. I asked how she knew her. She said she saw her at least once a week. She was a patient. I don’t know if my mouth visibly fell open or not. Unethical to match make your patients? Seems at least a bit dodgy.

18 was very nice but not my type. We had our lunch, a chat, and went our separate ways. Same went for the therapist soon after.


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