20 \ Deep Purple.

March 2014
I met 20 via OKCupid. She was young, cute, smart. Had her own business, and seemed to have her stuff together. Some chats, and we were soon meeting for an early evening drink.

It was a rainy Spring day, and she came in. Cute. She was a stylist, and sounded like she worked hard and was successful. She was newly divorced, and had a son. We had a good chatty first date, and soon set up another.

It was during SXSW, and I met her far from the madness of downtown, where she was with friends. We had a drink, and I met some of her people. Very sweet, and I could tell they were protective of her. We soon made our way to get some dinner.

We chatted. She was very quiet, introverted. She had had a different marriage arrangement – I believe he was Jehovah’s Witness or something similar. She mentioned health problems. And special needs. She seemed somewhat sheltered. 

We carried on for a walk and then sat on a bench and kissed. Sweet and lovely. There was a look in her eyes that was unforgettable. Innocent. Vulnerable. Unknowing. Yet yearning. 

We haven’t seen each other since. There was a bit too much going on there for me to take on. Very sweet, and I hope she is doing well.


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