42 \ Autumn.

November 2014
Some dates are pretty uneventful. Actually, quite a few. That can be the territory with online dating, especially when you are open to anything, as I was at the time. A few exchanged notes, and really, it’s best to meet as soon as possible to see if there’s any there there. Chatting online, or texting, or on the phone can build chemistry and be a very good indicator, but if there’s no chemistry in person, it’s all for naught.

We met one afternoon for a beer. About 45 minutes. I wasn’t attracted to her. There was something slightly shifty about her as well. And very little to talk about.

The energy you put in is still significant. And despite having low expectations you still want it to be fun and learn something so there is still a feeling of let down after a fizzled out date.

Nothing ventured, nothing gained? That’s what I would keep telling myself, for quite some time.


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