55 \ The Darkness.

April 2015
55 and I met for a drink and a bite to eat. She was close to my age, and was stylish. She was direct, and seemed slightly jaded. We connected over music. Great music taste, and she went to watch bands.

We talked and while we got along well enough, there was this cynical dark side just lurking below the surface. I thought a friend for shows would be cool – through all this dating finding even a few friends would be worth it.

We vowed to stay in touch, and called it a night. And we did stay in touch. For a bit. I sent her a few follow up emails. She sent a few back. Then, one beautiful Saturday spring morning – an email that had a line that was something like “I’m so tired of the depressing fucking state of America”. That’s not quite it – maybe I’m blocking it out – but it was so dark, and I never replied.

I did run into her recently, outside a show. I recognized her, and said hello, we met on a date. She said “It couldn’t have gone that well, then”. And I smiled, and carried on my way.


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