34 \ Texas Two Step.

September 2014
I met 34 via Tinder. We had a mutual friend in common, in fact it was 15. They were uncannily similar. Both in the same industry, similar looks, and builds. We had a few chats, a shared love for vintage cars, and soon arranged to meet.

It was a warm afternoon, and we met for a drink in the early evening. She was attractive, and drove a 50s Buick. She kind of had that 50s thing going on as well, which is not totally my thing – she wore it well. We had a good chat, and it was easy and comfortable. We were around the same age, and we had plenty of common ground we could cover. At some point we had a lovely kiss – we were obviously getting on quite well.

We decided to move on the the next place – we went to go see a country band and do some dancing. She was into the 2-step dancing scene. I wasn’t, and part of all this dating was about learning something new, right? So off we went.

There are a few places in town that have their regular acts, and their regular dancers that show up and do their thing. Couples, and singles. She was giving me the lowdown as we watched – who the regulars were, what they were like, and a bit of back story on some of the characters. Everyone was quite good. I was a bit petrified, but still game. We had a go on the dance floor. I was not that good. We kept running into people. She soon escorted us off.

“C’mon,” she said, and we went to an uncrowded area near the back. She proceeded to give me a dance lesson. She was very patient. The 2-step is a very simple dance, yet I was having a hard time getting the knack of it, which is unusual since I’m a muso and plenty of rhythm. In any case,  we spent a good 20-30 minutes, muddling through in the back. At some point, we made our way back into the fray, and she began to dance with the regulars (which she was one of) as they came and asked her. I of course was totally cool – but did feel a bit inadequate due to my dodgy two-stepping. Which I think is natural. But it did change the mood of the evening.

It was time to go – it was a long date. The mood had changed, we were getting tired, and things had gone a bit strange. We went outside to our vintage cars, and kissed goodnight. It was an awkward kiss. Nothing like the first. And we went our separate ways.

But I did learn to 2-Step. Sorta.


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