75 \ Cigar Box.

November 2015
I met 75 one Saturday morning via Tinder. She was in town from LA. A few messages, and we arranged to meet that evening.

I had planned on meeting some friends, so I suggested we meet at a bar downtown. Unbeknownst to them, my Tinder date would be meeting us as well – she was also out and about with some friends – what could possibly go wrong?

My friends arrived after I did – a couple, whom are very aware of my singleness, and another single girl friend of ours, who may or may not fancy me, but the feeling is not reciprocated – we’re friends. I let them know what I had been up to, and that a Tinder date will be showing up, along with her friends. To say they were curious is an understatement. I don’t typically put my friends in this type of situation – it certainly won’t be a dull evening.

They arrived after we had ordered our first round, 75 and two of her friends. Hello’s and introductions were made, and had. She was attractive and tall. Around my age, possibly older. Good style. Her friends seemed cool – all creative types. This was actually a really good way to meet a date – almost like a ‘normal’ offline meeting. You get to meet them, get a sense of their friends, and the pressure is off just a bit.

Drinks were had, and much chatting. I tried to divvy up my attention between the three of them, to be a good host, to be polite. I’m sure her friends were also intrigued by this situation. My friends were slower to engage – perhaps a bit cautious, perhaps a bit voyeuristic.

My date was successful and in design, like myself. Also an indie musician, like myself. Canadian. I liked her. More drinks were had, laughs were had, lots of chat, and eventually everyone else made their way, leaving just the two of us. By this time we were a few drinks in (cigar box’s), and sat quite close to each other. The bar was emptying, the lights dim. We made out. We had another drink. It was closing time. She suggested we go to her hotel. I thought that was a very good idea.

This was a first. A complete Tinder hook up. That’s what’s supposed to happen on Tinder, yeah? I had been (and continue to be) using dating apps to find that someone to date longer term – and not as a way to hook up – I’m really just not a hook up type of guy. I find those shallow connections just too, well shallow. Believe me, sometimes I wish I could be shallow and hook up – things would be so much easier.

We made our way to the hotel, a nice new one downtown, and up to her room. Hot, tipsy, passionate sex. She was a woman that knew what she wanted. Super fun. In the early hours of the morning, same again. I had to get going – I had to let my dog out – I hadn’t planned for a dirty stop out. We said our goodbyes, and I was off.

I text her later that day. She was meeting one of her friends, before going off to the airport. I offered to meet and give her a ride. She thought that would be great. Why did I do this? Why not leave it as a one night stand? I liked her, why not. Even if I was the one night stand, I had nothing to lose.

We met, with her friend, and everyone was a bit hungover. We chatted for a bit, and then I gave her a ride. We kissed at the airport, and she was off. We’ve texted once or twice since then, and are friends. She was a woman, on a work trip in Austin, on Tinder, looking to hook up. And did she ever. A Tinder fling. Good fun.


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