77 \ MCM.

January 2016
I originally met 77 in her furniture shop. I had stopped in one Saturday afternoon. She said she was open by appointment, but I’m welcome to look around. She was very nice. Beautiful. And had a very young baby with her. She made me nervous, she was so attractive.

Sometime later, I ended up seeing her online, first on Match, then OKCupid. She was newly divorced, and yes, very much my type. I messaged her. She remembered me coming into her shop. She thought I was cute. I was in! She wasn’t quite ready to meet people. Blast. We later messaged each other. Still not a good time. Then finally, many months later, it was time. Eventually, we met.

I called her to arrange to meet. There was something a little off. She liked wine, so we met at a wine bar. I got there first. She walked in, and she was much as I remembered. Slender, elegant, high cheekbones, full lips, beautiful. She sat down.

She was very shy. Timid. Cautious. Chatting was laborious. This seemed a very different person from the person I met in the shop over a year earlier. Divorce can change someone, that is obvious. She was a single mom now, keeping that young baby nearly full time. She had shut her shop. She was working in a smoky bar up north. She painted what sounded like a bleak picture. I did my best to make it fun – again, she was keeping her cards very close to her chest.

There was something she was hiding, I sensed. I told her as much, jokingly, that she had a deep dark secret. She thought it very forward of me to ask, and she asked what I thought it was. I answered, somewhat kidding, that I thought she used to be an erotic dancer. Nailed it. I let her know I wasn’t judging at all, we all have our pasts, it’s actually kind of cool and funny. We carried on with our glass of wine, and it all had gone a bit strange. She was taken aback by my directness. I’d rather be direct than mess about and talk around things. Not always easy to do but worth striving for.

We texted later that night, and talked about seeing each other again. But we didn’t. There was too much going on there, a lot of work, and I believe if you can’t be open and willing then you are not in it. Lovely as she was.


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