33 \ Chemistry.

August 2014
Chemistry is key. She said she liked indie rock. She was cute. Her profile was upbeat and funny and well written. We started chatting and we clicked. Quick. Witty. Banter. Super fun.

We had much in common. Connections to Europe. Connections to Texas. Parents. Music. We exchanged several long emails. Chemical. Very good. We graduated to the telephone. Even better. Long chats. Effortless. Exciting. Fun.

Then a lull. The holidays. Schedules. We later picked it back up. And we eventually met.

Okay, there were a few alarm bells that were ringing that made sense to overlook. The use of ‘lol’. Even once is too much. She lived in the burbs. I understand this can be out of necessity. But there was a bunch of good, and it was a bit of a thrill.

It was a warm Saturday evening. We met for drinks and dinner. She arrived. She looked like the pictures. But….different from the person I had been chatting with, kind of cheesy. And in person, the convo was difficult. Did not quite flow.

We had a drink, a bite, and then a good bye. We emailed, texted, chatted a bit after that but never got back together. In person, the chemistry just wasn’t there. The come down was hard – the disappointment that at what had appeared to be promising, was in fact not.

Two lessons learned. One – not wise to invest a large amount of time chit-chatting without meeting in person. Time investment. Emotional investment. It would take me a few more dates to fully get this. Get offline as quick as you can and see if there’s any chemistry there. Two – keep expectations realistic.


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